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We are pleased to introduce a new program to engage and challenge our students.  The Chef Advancement Program consisting of 8 levels through which students can advance as they gain new knowledge and skill.  Advancement dates will be held at the instructor's invitation.  Testing will consist of four parts:

1- Cooking Vocabulary

2-Working with Measurements

3- Cooking Skills

4- Completing a Recipe.

Each apron level will challenge the student in progressively more advanced areas of knowledge and skill.  This a voluntary program.

Level I:

Dark Blue Apron

Level II: Orange Apron
Level III: Dark Green Apron
Level IV: Red Apron
Level V: Lime Green Apron
Level VI: Gray Apron
Level VII: Light Blue Apron
Level VIII: Black Chef's Jacket


Testing Cost:

Level I-III: $  25.00
Level IV-VI: $  35.00
Level VII: $  50.00
Level VIII: $100.00


Cooking Class Enrollment Period
Level I: 2 months
Level II: 2 months from time Level I was received
Level III: 2 months from time Level II was received
Level IV: 3 months from time Level III was received
Level V: 3 months from time Level IV was received
Level VI:

4 months from time Level V was received

Level VII: 4 months from time Level VI was received
Level VIII: 6 months from time Level VIII was received