Apron Test

Chef Advancement Program:

Our Chef Advancement Program is an exciting program that is similar to earning your black belt in Karate. It consists of 8 levels through which students can advance as they pass off new culinary skills. As they advance through each level, they will earn a different colored apron, and a black chef coat is earned at the top level of achievement.

This opportunity is available to all students enrolled in our kids weekly cooking classes. It is an optional program but is highly encouraged for those who want to take their cooking skills to the next level. Students have the opportunity to “test” for their next color of apron every 3 months. They will come in on a Saturday, make a recipe on their own, and pass off different skills and knowledge. If your child has been enrolled for at least 3 months you are welcome to make an appointment below for their next test. Details for their test will be emailed 2 weeks prior to the test date.

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